Representative Case Study

65-year-old man with suspected recurrent prostate cancer

Images and patient information courtesy of Oslo University Hospital HF, Radiumhospitalet, Oslo.

Clinical History

Primary stage

T3a N0 M0

Prior therapy

Radiotherapy (EBRT/IMRT)


8 ng/mL

Prior imaging

Planar bone scan, CE-CT, pelvic and prostate MRI

Reason for scan

Suspected recurrence of prostate cancer



Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint


75 kg

Administered activity

371 MBq

Time after administration

4 min 53 s


PSF, ToF, 2i21s

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Axumin® (fluciclovine F 18) injection PET/CT imaging summary

Extensive retroperitoneal malignant nodes extending into thorax

PET coronal

PET/CT transaxial

LN SUV(bw)max:


LN short axis:

1.2 cm

Marrow (L3) SUV(bw)mean:


PET/CT transaxial

LN SUV(bw)max:


LN short axis:

0.6 cm

Blood pool (Aorta) SUV(bw)mean:


Probable benign mild diffuse midline prostate activity

PET transaxial

PET-CT transaxial

Incidental Findings

Left adrenal hyperplasia/adenoma

PET transaxial

Adrenal SUV(bw)max:


Marrow (L3) SUV(bw)mean:


CT transaxial

Right arm vein focal activity

PET transaxial

PET-CT transaxial

Benign appearing right iliac sclerosis

PET-CT transaxial

PET-CT transaxial

CT coronal

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Incidental findings are noted in some of the cases, as examples of potential, unanticipated abnormalities that may be identified during interpretation of Axumin images. The diagnostic efficacy of Axumin for the identification of these incidental abnormalities has not been established and confirmatory testing may be considered appropriate.

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