Formulary Information

Disease Overview

Brief summary of biochemically recurrent prostate cancer, current imaging paradigms, and the unmet clinical need in PET/CT imaging. Download PDF

Clinical Summary

A detailed summary of the Axumin clinical studies, including the rationale, study background, and clinical endpoints. Also includes a description of the products's mechanism of action (MOA). Download PDF

Clinical Bibliography

Download PDF

Indication and ISI

Access to full Axumin Indication and Important Safety Information (ISI). Download PDF

Dosing and Administration Guide

Contains detailed instructions for dosing and administration, including positioning patients, recommended timing for PET/CT imaging, and approximate timing for image acquisition. Download PDF

Safety Data Sheet

Health and safety precautions for the preparation, handling, and use of Axumin. Download PDF

Coding Sheet

Relevant product, procedure, and diagnosis coding information applicable for billing purposes. Download PDF

Ordering Information

Information to order Axumin for your facility and the list of services our sales representatives can provide. Download PDF