The efficacy of Axumin® (fluciclovine F 18) injection was established in 2 separate clinical studies1

The FDA-approved prescribing information provides summaries from 2 clinical studies of Axumin, including an evaluation of 105 images by 3 independent readers who were unaware of the clinical details of each patient and whether the biopsy of the prostate bed or suspicious lesions on imaging were positive or negative for cancer. The charts illustrate the correctly predicted biopsy findings.

Studies were based on elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels following radical prostatectomy and/or radiotherapy.1

Trial results

Patient PSA levels seemed to affect results with, in general, lower PSA levels correlating more frequently with negative scans than with positive scans.1

Axumin PSA levels scan correlation
Axumin PSA levels scan correlation
Efficacy of Axumin – clinical trial results

​​​​​​Average performance of Axumin in patients with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer1

On average, the readers correctly predicted the biopsy results for 77% of the images (range: 75%–79%). For the approximately one-third of images with suspicious lesions outside the region of the prostate bed, readers correctly identified the biopsy result in an average of 90% of the images (range: 88%–93%).1 

Charts illustrate findings from clinical trial 1 only. Information adapted from Section 14, Table 4, of Prescribing Information.

Efficacy confirmed in a retrospective multicenter study2

In patients with histologic confirmation of extraprostatic disease, Axumin correctly identified the lesion in over 90%of the cases (n=36/39).


Overall detection rate of recurrent prostate cancer of 68% (403 of 595 scans), including positive findings in:2

Axumin can detect recurrence in the prostate or prostate bed in 39% of scans, pelvic lymph nodes in 33%, metastatic sites outside of the pelvis in 26%, and skeletal involvement in 9%

Overall detection rate of ~40% in patients with PSA levels ≤0.79 ng/mL, rising to ~60% at PSA 0.80-2.032

Detection rates based on PSA quartiles

Impact of PSA on fluciclovine F 18 PET/CT detection rate at subject and region levels in combined data set.


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